WINTER 2016 Training Courses


One World Actors Centre offers continual professional development masterclasses to experienced performers, presenters and event organisers who want to update their training.

We believe that our professional training of aspiring young performers vastly improves performance and communication skills as shown by the high marks awarded to our students in UK accredited LAMDA Examinations and their 5-star rating in productions abroad. Our Alumni Continual Professional Development (CPD) offers masterclasses to adult performers and production team members to update their skills.


img_20160919_070032Each training programme lasts six weeks.

  • Auditions for public performances will take place throughout the year but training programmes do not lead to performance.
  • Each session is conducted by an experienced adult tutor in the international performance industry.
  • Registration is required for each programme.
  • All students have the opportunity to enter examination programmes

Registration takes place on Saturday 17th  September. Auditons for limited places in the Youth Theatre programme take place on Sunday 18th September.


15.00-16.30: Introduction to Performance  (aged 7-10)

Confidence on Stage

17.00-18.30:  Foundation Performance Training  (aged 11-14)

Musical Theatre and Stage-craft

18.45-20.30: Intermediate Performance Training  (aged 15-21)

10. Alice in Wonderland
Production Skills for Stage and Screen



16.45-19.00: International Youth Theatre (ages 10-14)                                                             By audition only in  Acting /Movement/Singing                                                     

Opportunities for International Touring


ALUMNI ADULT TRAINING PROGRAMMES (21+)                                                          

Continual Professional Development CPD  in Acting. Directing. Musical Theatre. Choreography. Production Skills. Voice. Craftshop

Masterclasses will be

  • directed by qualified experts in theatre skills
  • cost dependent upon workshop
  • advertised on social media
  • accredited UK examinations available in Communication and Performance






11 thoughts on “WINTER 2016 Training Courses

  1. Hi i just wanted to ask some questions about how would i join you and where is your location and what are the upcoming events you have that we can join in and when do you start the new season and do you have a phone number that we can contact with you on


  2. Good morning,

    I have a student who is very talented in singing and acting on stage. She is 9 years old. I would like to enquire about any musicals or shows she might get involved and come for an audition? Let me know what are the possibilities at your center to develop her talent. Do we need to prepare a song for the audition? When is the next audition for a children choir or show?

    Thank you
    Adriana cherciu
    Music teacher


    1. Dear Adriana,

      Thank you for your email. We have a Foundation Youth Theatre programme which runs at DAI Cultural Centre at 5pm every Saturday which prepares children for productions and auditions for international drama schools.

      Warm wishes,

      Alison Shan Price


  3. Hi, I’m interested in continuing my actor training. I’m an adult male aged 30 and have taken a Meisner and Method class in London as a hobby, but have no formal experience beyond training.


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