AUTUMN 2019 Training Courses



One World Actors Centre offers continual professional development masterclasses to  performers, presenters and event organizers who want to update their training.

We believe that our professional training of aspiring young performers vastly improves performance and communication skills as shown by the high marks awarded to our students in UK accredited LAMDA Examinations and their 5-star rating in productions abroad. Our Alumni Continual Professional Development (CPD) offers masterclasses to adult performers and production team members to update their skills.



Each training programme lasts eight weeks and is created by dramatists and educationalists to develop each individual child. We teach through our new One World Theatre  OWT of the BOX  Theatre & Education programme to develop CONFIDENCE,  COMMUNICATION, CREATIVITY and, as our wonderful Mums told us, COURAGE!             OWT of Box2

  • Performances by all children will take place throughout the season with end of term studio presentations for family and friends. In addition, auditions for public theatre performances will take place leading up to One World Actors Centre Productions.
  • Each session is conducted by a qualified and experienced adult tutor in the international performance industry.
  • Registration is required per programme and for annual UK LAMDA Examinations
  • Please note that children will be required to bring items to sessions, dependent upon theme, but electronic gadgets are not allowed
Musical Theatre and Stage-craft
    International performance with One World Actors           Noor al Huneidi & Lama al Ibrahim  in the 5-star            The Blue Box-Memories of Children of War   Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2016



A. Introduction to Performance & LAMDA Performance Examination Training (Introductory & Entry Levels: aged 5-8)  SATURDAYS, 11.00-12.30 :                               One of our favourite classes, which brings the world of children onto the stage. After learning our basic rules, of thea-flex & personal space, our little starlets soon gain confidence to become leaders of their creative groups.

Our first end-of-term studio performance is Snow‘ based on beloved children’s books.

B. One World Youth Theatre (ages 9-14) SATURDAYS,14.00-17.00 By audition only   Acting /Movement/Singing. Students must attend YAS  Foundation & Intermediate classes in preparation for LAMDA examinations. Regular public performances take place with possible opportunities to perform or train abroad.

Our first open air public production is ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream‘ by William Shakespeare, in November, with One World Actors


Louis Barras Hargen  OWYT 2016 now at the prestigious Italia Conte Drama School, London. Above as Toby in ‘Sweeney Todd’, Kuwait 2016 


C. YAS FOUNDATION (8-11 yrs) & UK accredited LAMDA Performance Examination Training (Level 1: Grades 1-3) SUNDAYS, 16.45-18.15:                                                        Fast moving and energizing sessions to develop and fine-tune personal and theatre skills in monologues, dialogues, group-work, improvisation and scripted scenes.                     

Our first show is the end-of-term creation- Airport 51



D. YAS INTERMEDIATES (12-16 yrs) & UK accredited LAMDA Performance Examination Training (Level 2: Grades 4 & 5) SUNDAYS, 18.30-20.00:                Intensive training of  theatre theory and practice including the work of dramaturgs and the different styles throughout the history of theatre.                                                             Our first show is the end-of-term show creation- The Mirror





Brian McLaughlin
Brian McLaughlin as Falstaff

E. ACTOR MASTERCLASSES (17+) & UK accredited LAMDA Performance Examination Training in Acting/ Public Speaking & Musical Theatre (Level 3: Grade 6-8/ Bronze-Gold Medal Level) SUNDAYS, 20.00-21.30: 

Masterclasses will be:

  • led by qualified experts in theatre skills
  • cost dependent upon workshop
  • advertised on social media or by special invitation
  • leading towards accredited UK examinations available in Communication and Performance
  • Concluded by studio directing /acting/theatrecraft demonstrations/performances.


IMG_20170715_105921_244 (1)





11 thoughts on “AUTUMN 2019 Training Courses

  1. Hi i just wanted to ask some questions about how would i join you and where is your location and what are the upcoming events you have that we can join in and when do you start the new season and do you have a phone number that we can contact with you on


  2. Good morning,

    I have a student who is very talented in singing and acting on stage. She is 9 years old. I would like to enquire about any musicals or shows she might get involved and come for an audition? Let me know what are the possibilities at your center to develop her talent. Do we need to prepare a song for the audition? When is the next audition for a children choir or show?

    Thank you
    Adriana cherciu
    Music teacher


    1. Dear Adriana,

      Thank you for your email. We have a Foundation Youth Theatre programme which runs at DAI Cultural Centre at 5pm every Saturday which prepares children for productions and auditions for international drama schools.

      Warm wishes,

      Alison Shan Price


  3. Hi, I’m interested in continuing my actor training. I’m an adult male aged 30 and have taken a Meisner and Method class in London as a hobby, but have no formal experience beyond training.


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